Hybrid Commencement Ticketing Information

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The Western New Mexico University spring 2021 hybrid graduation will be held in accordance with the commencement ceremony guidelines issued by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and in keeping with university regulations and practices.

In accordance with the state’s Red to Green Framework, capacity for spectator areas of Ben Altamirano Stadium will be limited. Given the number of students who have chosen to participate in the spring 2021 commencement ceremony in person, four people per graduate will be admitted to the stadium to witness this milestone event in their loved ones’ lives. Through email communication, the tickets will be released to graduates, who may use their W numbers to claim them.

To secure their tickets, graduates should follow these steps:

Step 1: Click here.

Step 2: Click “Register.”

Step 3: Click “Have a Pass Code?”

Step 4: Enter your “W number.” (Example: W00012345)

Step 5: Click “Apply.”

Step 6: Toggle the plus button up to reflect two tickets.

Step 7: Click “Checkout.”

Step 8: Enter your contact information and submit.

Step 9: Your tickets will take approximately 10 seconds to process at which point you can either download them to your phone or computer. They will also be emailed to the address you entered.

Since the state updates each county’s current status every other Wednesday, there is a possibility that adjustments may be made to the stadium capacity or to attendee protocols prior to the ceremony. However, if the status of the county changes at any time during the 14-day rolling average, the state will honor the status of the county 14 days prior to the scheduled commencement ceremony. In any case, WNMU is committed to providing notice as early as possible following any change to Grant County’s standing or to the region’s overall public health status.

No matter the county’s level, COVID-safe practices must always be adhered to for all WNMU spring 2021 hybrid commencement ceremony participants and attendees. These practices include but are not limited to the following:

  • All participants must wear masks prior to entering the venue, for the duration of the event, and while queuing for their entrance and receiving their award. Masks may not be removed until individuals have completely left the venue and parking lot.
  • All participants must maintain proper social distancing throughout the event. The university has painted Ben Altamirano Stadium seating to indicate areas that will ensure proper social distancing.
  • A graduate may take his or her mask off to take a professional photograph before or after receiving an award. The individual must be the only person in the frame and must immediately put the mask back on after the photograph is taken. Graduates may not remove masks while standing in line for the photo.
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